When you book your hotel with Tour Team, you will receive a definite booking confirmation from us before you receive a contract from the hotel. There are some standard policies hotels are able to extend for groups if you know enough to ask. We do this for you while we check the space and rates for your group. Some of these policies include:

  • One complimentary room per night for every 15 - 20 paid rooms.
  • 50% discount for the motor coach driver.
  • Free punch & cookies welcome reception for adult or senior groups.
  • Complimentary room up-grade for the group leader.
More important details!
Most hotels have policies concerning their contracts for groups that again are somewhat flexible if you are bold enough to ask. We do this for you!

  • A deposit of the first nights room and tax (50% if one night stay) due 30, 60 or 90 days prior to arrival, depending on group size.
  • Cancelation policy: Groups may cancel without penalty 30, 60 or 90 days prior to arrival. Again this will vary with your groups size and may not apply to large metropolitain hotels.
  • A room list for your group will be required to the hotel between 21 -30 days prior to your groups arrival.
Communication :
Your main point of contact will be with the hotel directly once we have booked and confirmed your group. We will provide you with the person in charge of your group at the hotel and how best to reach them. It will be very important that you communicate all of the details not covered by our general confirmation. Those details might include the folllowing:

  • How you would like your rooms blocked together at the hotel.
  • Times and menu's for any and all meal functions.
  • Your arrival and departure times.
  • Any special services you might need such as baggage handling or added security for student groups.
  • Parking needs and costs, especially for any over sized vehicles.